Nanny Services

Poppins’ Childcare Montessori @ Home

As a daily nanny and a Proxy parent. Sarah provides both Permanent and Ad Hoc care. This is provided to children whilst they are in their own home and when the parents are away.

She currently cover’s areas as far as Andover, Winchester, Micheldever, Basingstoke, Salisbury and Newbury.

Service’s provided in the families own home may include: Childcare/domestic help.

  • Cooking the children healthy nutritious meals
  • Nursery/School drop off and pick up
  • Attending to the children’s laundry
  • Babysitting in the evening
  • Keeping the children’s bedrooms tidy
  • Keeping the children’s play area tidy
  • Keeping areas of the house tidy while caring for the children
  • Poppins’ Childcare does not provide house hold cleaning


Gold                               £8.50 per hour (Childcare only)

Diamond                        £9.50 per hour (Childcare and nursery duties)

Platinum                        £10.50 per hour (Childcare, nursery duties, light house work)

Premium rate                £13.00 (for under 3.5 hours) In families own home

You are required to pay Sarah at the end of each booking in cash unless other wise arranged.

Please do not overpay her in order to deduct money off a following booking. This becomes very confusing especially if many families ask to do this.

Each booking has a minimum charge of 3 and half hours.