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Poppins’ Childcare Montessori

Your very own Home from Home Nanny

Are you looking for a childminder in Andover but don’t know where to start? Sarah may be who you and your family are looking for.

Sarah lives in Andover with her husband Adam and her daughter Ella who is now 6. They live in Watermills Close and their house backs on to Watermills Park.

About the setting

Sarah has been working with children for 25 years; as a private nanny, in nurseries and as a deputy manager of a Montessori Nursery.  She first trained as a Nursery Nurse in 1994, then later in 2000 she went on to complete her Montessori training. She is enthusiastic, caring and her job is a vocation to her.

Sarah qualified and became registered as a childminder in February 2011. She then worked as both a nanny and a childminder until February 2013, after which she decided to do childminding full-time.

In Sarah’s first ever graded OFSTED inspection she was graded ‘GOOD’, Sarah is very please to have been awarded this. Her OFSTED registraton number is EY422333. Sarah’s setting is also recognised by OFSTED as a provider of Montessori education.

Sarah has an up to date paediatric first aid certificate and an Enhanced CRB.

Sarah except’s work based childcare vouchers.

Sarah believes in working in partnership with parents and believe’s mum knows her child/children best. she try’s to keep to each child’s individual routine as much as possible.

She also keeps her numbers small in order to give the children in her care the attention they need and to maintain a high quality of care.

Also, the setting ethos is very simple mummies, ‘Children come first’.

Why? Its simple, as parents you know Childminders are legally inspected by Ofsted, something Sarah feels is incredibly important. With out the hard work of Ofsted, children would be at risk.

However, in her setting, Sarah refuses to focus on excessive non mandatory paperwork, something that Ofsted seem to insist on, over and above the care of the children in order for a childminder to achieve that OUTSTANDING grade.

In essence, this setting, Sarah say’s, is a family home, it focuses on the individual needs of each and every child whilst legally completing mandatory paperwork.

Excessive time is not spent achieving an Outstanding grade which is paperwork based, instead the focus is on your children 100% of the time.

Here, your children practically have fun and most importantly learn, in essence letting them live a good old fashioned childhood, after all, is it not the most important thing, rather than Sarah sitting at a desk writing constantly about them, that She actually constantly be with them.

Sarah believes, reference’s and reviews of parents speak volumes, and that this is the most important thing, after all, Ofsted are only with a childminder for 4 hours every 3 years!!

What is provided at Poppins’ Childcare

Sarah accepts children from (0) birth to 7 years of age, she specialises in the care of pre-school age children and offers flexible hours to accommodate all families.

She provide’s a tailor made service to each family, so if you need full-time, part-time, half-days, full-days or even evening babysitting, she is their to help.

Sarah must comply with OFSTED regulations and can only care for a maximum of 3 pre-school children per day, along with her own daughter who attends Anton School.

On arrival at Poppins’ Childcare Montessori

The entrance to Poppins’ Childcare is via the rear of the house, so you will enter the garden first. Their is a bell on a secured entrance, please ring the bell and Sarah will be with you as soon as she can. Please be patient as she may be attending to a child.

Some of the activities provided for the children at Poppins’ Childcare Montessori

Sarah provides a mixture of adult lead and child lead activities which foster’s children’s independence. The children have lots of free play through out the day both indoors and outside.



 Specialising in babies and multiples

Sarah has extensive experience caring for babies and multiples. She has cared for 1 month premature twins as a nanny and many other babies through out her career as a nanny.

Sarah has a vast understanding of sleep training, weaning with both blended foods and baby lead as well as an understanding of many of the current trends in childcare. Sarah is willing to try her best to adjust to specific routines already adapted by parents, and has educated her self in such routines as The Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford, Secret of the Baby Whisper by Tracy Hogg and Rachel Waddilove – Childcare expert.

Outings at Poppins’ Childcare Montessori

Sarah feels that it is very important for all children to become social as soon as possible. Being social gives children a very good start in life, children need to develop the confidence to not be scared when they eventually have to attend nursery or pre-school. Sarah believes pre-school is very important for child development, and feels it is her job to prepare children for that by taking them out to similar situations.

Below are photos of some of the places Sarah takes the children. Trips can include, toddler groups, to the sure start centre, the Bournemouth Oceanarium, feeding the ducks, visits to the farm, easter egg hunts, ice skating, strawberry picking, the park, dinner with Santa or the Easter bunny.


Making a visit to Poppins’ Childcare Montessori

Sarah has an open door Policy. Simply call to make an appointment and pop along.

Available spaces

All spaces are on a first come first serve basis.

Pay-as-you-go childminding (last minute childcare bookings)
Do you ever need to?
  • Catch up on sleep
  • do housework
  • shop without the children
  • have cover for your childminder’s holidays
  • go to a doctor’s or dentist appointment
  • pop to the gym
  • go for a swim
  • catch up with friends
  • just need a break
Poppins’ Childcare can offer you a simple and flexible solution
Just ring (07979355305) to book a slot
Whether you need an hour, 2 hours or a whole day, you only pay for the hours you use.
Hourly slots are (Monday – Friday, between 8am – 6pm, please ask for details of charges outside these hours.
You only pay for the hours you book, payment in cash at the time of booking.
Please note that  Poppins’s Childcare cannot exceed the child ratios set by OFSTED registration and Public Liability Insurance. Pay-as-you-go bookings can only be accepted where their is an unfilled vacancy, or if a contracted child is absent eg, for sickness or on holiday.

Contracted childminding fee’s

These are individually tailored to each family.