Delivering a bespoke and very unique, Montessori childcare service

Sarah also runs The Childminder Finder, a non profit organisation in Andover to help parents find Registered Childminders.  Please look at our sister site. www.thechildminderfinder.weebly.com

Have you ever wanted a qualified nanny? You now have it, yethe childminding regulations.

Qualified Nanny, Nursery Nurse and Montessori Teacher, working in her own home as a Qualified OFSTED Registered Childminder.

Poppins’ Childcare is an ‘at home’ Montessori childminding setting owned and run by qualified nanny and nursery nurse Sarah Abbott. It is based in Andover Hampshire and is the only fully-qualified, OFSTED recognised Montessori childminding setting in Andover. Poppins’ Childcare provides homely and quality day care for children from birth-8 years.

Sarah provides a bespoke and unique childcare service as a registered Childminder. She offer’s a full-time, part-time and pay-as-you-go minding serviceas well as a Flexi-nanny service in your child’s own home and evening babysitting.

Sarah believes flexibility towards all her families, and, trying to carry on the consistency of each child’s home routine as much as possible is the key.

Sarah is passionate about childcare. She believes choosing the right childcare for your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Children deserve the best possible start in life, this is only possible in a warm and loving environment where children can develop good values, morals and behaviour. Hopefully through this they will become polite, honest and gentle human beings who are caring and compassionate towards everyone and everything.

At Poppins’ Childcare with over 26 years of professional experience, specialising in children aged from birth to 5 years, parents are put at ease. They are given the opportunity to take the lead in the transition from home to setting for their children. Sarah believes parents know their children best and that the lead must come from them.

Poppins’ Childcare is perfect for your children to explore, develop and learn.  Children feel very nurtured and cared for as they are in a warm and loving homely environment that combines the care received in a regular childcare setting or at home with aspects of the Montessori ethos.

Sarah strives to provide both an educationally stimulating and nurturing setting where children are valued and cared for as individuals, whilst being supported and encouraged to develop their potential, keeping already established routines a focus.

At Poppins’ Childcare the aim is to work in partnership with parents to ensure the needs of all the children in the setting are always met. If anything affects you or your child, Sarah encourages you to share this with her.

Sarah takes work based vouchers.


The ethos behind the way Sarah work’s is simple, its based on keeping to the child’s own routine as much as possible, providing consistency for the child, and simplicity, reliability and affordability for the parents, combined with the highest standard of childcare.

With its unique service, Poppins’ Childcare is tailored to fit into every families’ modern day lifestyle and budget.